Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts for an Energy-efficient and Resource-saving Water Management (ERWAS)

The steering committee

At the centre of the funding measure is the work of the collaborative research projects. These are also supported by a steering committee as an accompanying body. As with all funding measures within the framework of the BMBF funding priority NaWaM, it works at the interface between research and practice, to ensure that the research delivers practice-oriented findings that are capable of implementation. Members from business, the authorities and other institutions, who are involved with the subject of “water and energy” in different ways as part of their daily work, are appointed to the steering committee. The project coordinators of all twelve collaborative research projects are also members of the steering committee, so that a direct exchange of knowledge and information is guaranteed. Although the very complex ERWAS collaborative research projects cover numerous different aspects and topics, many intersections arise e.g. in processes, methods, or subject-specific issues that are processed in several ERWAS projects. To bring this work together and to make active use of potential synergies, one task of the steering committee is to define cross-cutting issues. These cross-cutting issues are handled in integrated working groups.