Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts for an Energy-efficient and Resource-saving Water Management (ERWAS)


Dr. Klaus-Michael Mangold

DECHEMA Forschungsinstitut
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25
60486 Frankfurt

Tel.: +49 69 7564-327

Involved project parties

Map of the involved project parties

Work packages of KEStro

Subproject: Test run of pilot plants in a wastewater treatment plant


Bernhard Teiser, Abwasserverband Braunschweig, Celler Straße 22, 38176 Wendeburg, E-Mail: bernhard.teiser@abwasserverband-bs.de


Test runs of the pilot plants biofuel cell and electrolysis of micro-pollutants are performed in a wastewater treatment plant. Also part of this sub-project is to work on design of the pilot plants.

The use of wastewater treatment plants as energy storage systems for power grids provides a new option to generate revenues. In view of possible modifications of legal requirements the system for degradation of micro-pollutants is a promising option for an additional treatment of sewage.

Focus of work:

- work on design of pilot plants and pre-equipping of the sewage plant

- operating the pilot plants

- economical evaluation of the processes

Subproject: Development of DIACHEM®-electrodes and optimization of the electrolysis of micro-pollutants in a wastewater treatment plant


Dr. Thorsten Matthée, CONDIAS GmbH, Fraunhoferstraße 1, 25524 Itzehoe, E-Mail: matthee@condias.de


Boron-doped diamond electrodes (DIACHEM®) synthesize hydroxyl radicals and are used for wastewater treatment. These electrodes and the manufacturing process are adapted to the electrolysis of micro-pollutants in a continuous process of optimization.

In this sub-project boron-doped diamond electrodes are developed and tested in laboratory scale and in a pilot plant. Know-how is generated to decompose refractory micro-pollutants in an EAOP® process using DIACHEM® electrodes.

Focus of work:

- manufacturing and characterization of adapted diamond electrodes

- construction and manufacturing of test cells

- design of a control system for the pilot plants

- cooperation in pilot plant test runs and in economic evaluation

Subproject: Electrochemical investigations for development of a biofuel cell and the elimination of micro-pollutants


Dr. Klaus-Michael Mangold, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, E-Mail: mangold@dechema.de


First part of this sub-project is the development of a biofuel cell and of the electrolysis of micro-pollutants in laboratory scale. Second part is the transfer of laboratory results into test plants and tests of these systems.

The objectives are electrochemical characterization and optimization of both systems and determination of the performance under the terms of a wastewater treatment plant.

Focus of work:

- design of laboratory cells

- experiments to characterize the components of both cells

- design and manufacturing of pilot plants

- field test in a wastewater treatment plant and economical evaluation

Sub-Project: Biological processes and synergies in the combination of electricity generation and pollutants elimination


Dr. Andreas Tiehm, Water Technology Center, Karlsruher Straße 84, 76139 Karlsruhe, E-Mail: andreas.tiehm@tzw.de


Subject of this project is the development of microbial fuel cells and the characterization of biofilms with molecular biological methods. Electrochemical degradation of trace pollutants will be further developed.

The main aim is an increased efficiency relating to energy gain and elimination of pollutants. Furthermore, the understanding of microbiological processes in the microbial fuel cell shall be improved.

Focus of work:

- Design and construction of laboratory cells and establishment of chemical analysis

- Optimization and research of biological processes as well as the elimination of pollutants in the microbial fuel cell and electrochemical cell

- Characterization and minimization of by-product formation in electrolysis

- Monitoring of long-term experiments

Subproject: Technical design and economical consultation on biofuel cell and elimination of micro pollutants


Dr. Oliver Debus, WaCo Wassertechnik Consult GmbH, Grottenstraße 3, 22605 Hamburg, E-Mail: debus@wassertech.de


Subject of this sub-project is the development of concepts for a biofuel cell and for the electrolysis of micro-pollutants. Technical aspects of laboratory cells and of pilot plants as well as considerations on economics are part of this sub-project.

The intention is to engineer a biofuel cell and an electrolysis for micro-pollutants by optimization of relevant parameters. A further objective is to generate the technical know-how for new processes.

Focus of work:

- design and evaluation of laboratory scale experiments

- design of pilot plants

- technical and economical evaluation of the processes